Master c# enum with System.Enum.Parse

[This post has been updated! please go to the end of it to check the update]

We start with a typical enum in C#:

public enum WEEK_DAY : byte
 MONDAY    = 0x01,
 TUESDAY   = 0x02,
 WEDNESDAY = 0x03,
 THURSDAY  = 0x04,
 FRIDAY    = 0x05,
 SATURDAY  = 0x06,
 SUNDAY    = 0x07

With System.Enum.Parse you can do the following:

 * Converting a numeric value to an enum name
byte numericValue = 0x04;
WEEK_DAY dayOfTheWeek = (WEEK_DAY)

 * Freindly printing of enum names
// this will print "THURSDAY"

Update:I found today in this post a simpler way to format and print out an enumeration entry:

            Console.WriteLine(WEEK_DAY.FRIDAY.ToString("G")); // Friday  (String)
            Console.WriteLine(WEEK_DAY.FRIDAY.ToString("F")); // Friday  (String)
            Console.WriteLine(WEEK_DAY.FRIDAY.ToString("X")); // 05      (Hex)
            Console.WriteLine(WEEK_DAY.FRIDAY.ToString("D")); // 5       (Decimal)
I found it in this

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